What is the concept of Tantrik Shava Sadhana ?

Shava Sadhana a form of mystical rite or religious meditation performed by sitting on a dead body in a crematorium usually on a new moon night.
Indian Tantra, specially Bama Margi Tasntra honored
Shava Sadhana as a final stage of austere endeavor (Sadhana).By performing Shava Sadhana an austere endeavorer proves that he can dominate over heavenly energy as the dead body re-gains life (Prana)for a few moment.

A successful endeavorer of Shava Sadhana usually called as a"Siddha Mahatma"(a man who has attained divine grace through austere religious practices),who can do any thing for 'Sarva Mangal'(all round well being)of man kind.